Hawkshead is the number one outdoor brand, including Footwear, jackets, scarves and hats.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Hawkshead Affiliate Programme

We’ve developed an exciting new positioning for Hawkshead.

One that challenges the accepted norms of the outdoor industry whilst championing the timeless spirit of Hawkshead village and the ideals of ‘family’, ‘outdoor’ and ‘service’ in equal measure.

A retail concept we will proudly position as…


Family Outdoor Outfitters

Established 1976

Hawkshead because we’re proud of our roots, know what we’re talking about and have a passion for helping people get the very best out of their outdoor experiences that is second to none.

Family because we’re a family business built on family values, have an exceptional family of brands to offer, are totally in-touch with modern family life and are deeply committed to the communities we serve.

Outdoor because we’re about making family enjoyment of the great outdoors aspirational and attainable in equal measure via our unique collection of outdoor brands, excellent product quality, invaluable advice and exceptional value and service.

Outfitters because it evokes the promise of the attentive, personal and thoughtful customer service our customers deserve and Hawkshead will become famous for. From the way our customers are welcomed, guided and advised to the ways we will display, package and demonstrate our products.

Established 1976 because our history gives us the credibility to know what customers deserve and the confidence to lead the way.

 An exciting new positioning for Hawkshead that demands we step-up to deliver a highly valued ‘outdoor outfitting’ experience for our customers that they will be wowed by, will re-count to their friends and will want to return to again and again.

Program Details

·         3% on all sales

·         Cookie: 30 Days

·         Product Feed Updated Daily

·         Voucher Codes Regularly Available

·         Offers/Competitions/Promotions Available

·         AOV £45

If you have any questions please contact Andreia Soares at