Tripadvisor’s affiliate program is perfect for content publishers looking to earn a steady stream of commissions by seamlessly adding links to their content.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Tripadvisor Affiliate Programme

The World’s Largest Travel Site: Tripadvisor

Enhance your site and content with the Tripadvisor Affiliate Program. By becoming an affiliate partner, you can link to the world’s largest travel site with over 500 million reviews and help your users find the lowest hotel prices with Tripadvisor’s price comparison of over 200 hotel sites.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program: Benefits

  • No hotel booking required for a commission
  • Earn commissions on influence
  • Two week referral window
  • Earn up to 80% commission through incentive campaigns
  • Deep-Linking
  • Constant content inspiration

Program Features

Commission Structure

Tripadvisor will pay you at least 50% commission of the hotel revenue generated when users sent from your site click-out from Tripadvisor to any of our booking partners. As we share the referral fee from our booking partners on the click-out with you, there is no booking required for you to earn a commission. We offer one of the highest commission payout structures, and have above average conversion rates (30%+).

Publishers will have opportunities to earn up to 80% commission through incentive campaigns.

Please note that the program only pays out on hotel revenue - not flights, restaurants, vacation rentals or attractions.

Commission for Influence

Our multi-touch attribution model allows for you to earn commissions from users within a two-week referral window, so you still are credited if you ‘influence’ their decision to make a click-out on Tripadvisor within that timeframe.

For example, if a user comes to Tripadvisor through your affiliate link and doesn’t click-out to any booking partners immediately, but returns to Tripadvisor within two weeks and makes a click-out, you will earn a commission. Even if they come through another marketing channel like a Google ad, display ad or another affiliate site, we will recognize your contribution towards their final click-out.

Endless Linking Opportunities

There are countless ways to integrate Tripadvisor into your site, even if it isn’t directly travel related. In addition to linking to hotels and destinations, you can link to Tripadvisor when writing about specific restaurants or events.

Readers will be looking for tips on where to stay if they travel for these experiences, so link them to accommodations in the area. Additionally, Tripadvisor offers hotels at various price-points, so recommend budget, family-friendly, and luxury hotels as a way to increase the number of links on your site, and therefore increase potential for earning a commission.

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