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At TerraYou we believe that through self-awareness and knowledge everyone has the potential to flourish in life. It is our mission to help our customers navigate and understand the different aspects of their true personality in order to thrive. The TerraYou tests, toolkits, and resources are here to help people all over the world achieve self-discovery, balance, and growth in all areas of life.


Our top products: 


IQ Test 

Our IQ test consists of 50 carefully crafted questions, which are designed to measure performance across different test areas in order to calculate an accurate IQ score. For a one-off payment customers can celebrate their achievement with a digital result report including personalized IQ certificate and can gain detailed insights, practical advice, and tips on how to improve in each area of testing.  

The Enneagram Personality Test
In our in-depth Enneagram personality test, customers get an instant result that determines their exact Enneagram type and gives initial insights into how this influences the ways they think, feel, and behave in 
the world. Purchasing a comprehensive 50-page Handbook unlocks further insights including analysis of the core type, subtypes, wings and triads, and personal growth potential. It covers career and relationships and provides advice for wellbeing. 

Big Five Personality Test 
Based on a scientifically verified theory of personality and enhanced by years of assessment, our Big Five personality test helps customer understand which core personality traits drive and influence their actions. 
With the digital premium report, customers gain actionable advice on how to harness the true power of their personality in order to better understand the world around them. 

...and many more including archetype test, cognitive ability, and EQ! 

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