We’re on a mission to reset your gut and free you from restrictive diets. Feeling good in your body is a choice and it starts here.


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JUVIA Affiliate Programme

About JUVIA - the gut supplement that transforms lives: 

JUVIA is a unique gut health supplement that’s based on decades of cutting-edge research.

A balanced microbiome is the foundation of overall health, therefore anyone can benefit from JUVIA. It’s been developed specifically for people with gut issues, like irregular bowel habits or bloating, but anyone who is conscious about their well-being will see a benefit from a balanced microbiome. 

The digestive enzymes in our unique and natural ingredient ERME™ support the breakdown of carbs and rebalance the microbiome, creating a happy and healthy gut! 


JUVIA offers affiliates:

  • £7 commission for each new customer that uses your unique referral link
  • Use your link on any platform - social media, blogs, email
  • Good conversion rates
  • Trending subject - gut health!


The science behind JUVIA:

JUVIA was created by Ateria Health; a science-backed health and wellness company. It’s situated within the Royal Institution of Great Britain and focused on the gut microbiome to improve human health. 

JUVIA is an exciting new product created as a result of decades of studies and cutting-edge scientific research carried out by our founders, world-leading Gastroenterologist, Professor John Hunter, and Toxicologist, Dr Rosemary Waring. 

Unlike probiotics, which attempt to introduce new bacteria, ERME (our unique, 100% natural ingredient) resets your gut by breaking down carbohydrates in the diet, starving the bad bacteria of food, and allowing the good bacteria to thrive.

JUVIA improves the diversity of gut bacteria, increases valuable Butyrate-producing bacteria, and significantly decreases toxins in the gut. 


JUVIA offers customers:

  • Free delivery within the UK
  • Trust - created and loved by healthcare professionals, backed by science
  • Natural - 100% natural ingredients from sustainable farming, and recyclable packaging
  • A rigorous approach to quality
  • A FREE app for customers to track their progress, manage subscriptions, set reminders, and have access to articles, recipes etc. 
  • Fully responsive user-friendly site; clear layout, easy navigation and search, simple checkout
  • Detailed product information, articles, reviews, and blog



All commissions will be validated within a 30-day period and JUVIA reserves the right to decline commission on all returned goods.



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