Cliptakes is video recording and auto editing software that allows customers to easily set interview questions and take one-way video answers on their own website. Used globally, typically by staffing/ recruitment agencies.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Cliptakes Affiliate Programme

Up to 75% Commission

Introducing Cliptakes, the leading video interview platform that is revolutionizing the hiring process worldwide. As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn up-to an impressive 75% commission on the sale value, limited to the first subscription payment.

Our platform caters to a wide range of customers, including recruitment agencies and companies of all sizes looking to streamline their hiring process through video interview screening. With Cliptakes, customers can easily set interview questions and effortlessly collect one-way video responses from candidates directly on their website.


Up to 75% Commission is paid on total order value excluding VAT (If applicable), and discounts where applicable.

Potential Earnings:

Pricing varies depending on country. The below represents the average price/ earnings based on countries where Cliptakes is most commonly used:

The below table is based on 75% commission. Please check the actual commission on offer at the time of signing up. 


Country        Average Payment (Estimate)                Commission (Estimate)
United Kingdom                                    £100.00           £75.00
Canada$170.00 CAD$127.50
USA$125.00 USD$93.75


Affiliate Support:

  • Graphics updated frequently
  • Promotional banners (Black Friday/ Cyber Monday etc.)
  • Discount codes
  • Email support
  • Custom banner dimensions may be requested via email

Target Audiance:

Cliptakes caters to a diverse range of users in the hiring and video creation spaces. It is highly valued by staffing and recruitment agencies, as well as large organizations conducting frequent hiring processes. Additionally, smaller companies benefit from Cliptakes, especially those engaged in international hiring or seeking to streamline applicant screening. Notably, coaches find Cliptakes a convenient tool for creating videos without the need for post-production editing. 

Here's why Cliptakes is the preferred choice for businesses:

Seamless Integration: Cliptakes seamlessly integrates with existing websites, allowing customers to incorporate video interviews effortlessly into their hiring process.

Efficient Screening: Say goodbye to time-consuming phone screenings. With Cliptakes, customers can review recorded video responses at their convenience, enabling them to make more informed decisions about potential candidates.

Branding and Personalization: Each video is auto-edited into a branded format, creating a professional and cohesive image for their company. Customers can impress candidates with a personalized touch and showcase their employer brand effectively.

Fast Turnaround: Cliptakes' advanced technology processes and emails the branded video recordings within minutes of receiving the responses, ensuring a quick and efficient experience for both customers and their candidates.

Join our affiliate program today and start earning substantial commissions while promoting Cliptakes - the go-to video interview platform for businesses worldwide.