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Movenpick Hotels (US & Canada)

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Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has 79 establishments. Countries where properties are: Dubai, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Morocco, Netherlands, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam and Yemen.

Primary Region

United States of America


Movenpick Hotels (US & Canada) Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Affiliate Program!

This global firm with Swiss roots is one of the 50 leading hotel groups in the world. By promoting this program you will provide your users upscale accommodation across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Currently, this program managed by AffiliRed is available for more than 74 properties across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

They offer wide hotels categorisation: from urban hotels specially designed for business travellers and conference events to amazing holiday resorts.

Why promote Movenpick?

  • By promoting one of the leading hotel groups in the world your ROI will be assured
  • 20 new properties to be added in the near future in interesting destinations: Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Kenya.
  • You will earn 5% commission on high average value bookings
  • Updated Affiliate Creatives and offers and product feeds.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Quick facts: 2017 Top Selling Hotel through AffiliRed Campaigns was Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg (Germany).

Average Basket 453€ • 507$ • 330£

Commission: 5% on hotel bookings only.  Commissions are not paid on conference rooms or other services.

Cookie Length: 30 days

Definition of a valid sale: At the check-out.

PPC Policy:

  • PPC is not allowed for this program.
  • Buying domains including the brand name and misspellings are not allowed.
  • Affiliates can use only deep-links that goes directly on hotels and the offers that are available in merchant site under 'Special Offers' section. If you are interested on using a different deep-links, please feel free to ask us first at .

Offer and content feed available under request. Please, send an email to including your affiliate ID and feed format needed (rss, xml or csv).


- Affiliates are not allowed to use Pop Ups, Pop Unders or any other format that is deemed intrusive or use any other cookie stuffing techniques that may force the cookie in the user's browser.
- Affiliates are not allowed to buy, register or create domains or subdomains which may misslead users to believe that such site is the merchants brand website.
- Affiliates are not allowed to supplant by any means the merchant's identity in social media. Affiliate must be easily identified by users in any promotion in social media.
- Affiliates may ONLY advertise coupon codes that are distributed by the merchant (or AffiliRed on behalf of the merchant). Any sales registered through other coupon codes will not be considered as valid and will be canceled.
- Affiliates are not allowed to promote coupon codes that have not been issued via the affiliate channel.
- Affiliates are not permitted to promote the merchant through any toolbar unless they have direct authorisation from AffiliRed on behalf of the merchant.
- Incentivised traffic is allowed only from cashback and loyalty/reward affiliates.
- Email Affiliates should contact Affilired Team for approval.
- Affiliates violating the above T&C will be rejected from the program.

If you have doubts regarding the mentioned T&C or you have proposals which aren't contemplated here, please contact us and we will assist you.


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