Sidekick Productivity Browser (US)

Sidekick Productivity Browser (US)

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Sidekick is a revolutionary browser for staying focused and productive. Ideal for online professionals, students and anyone who wants to protect their attention. It is a godsend for those in the ADHD community.


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60 Days


Sidekick Productivity Browser (US) Affiliate Program


Sidekick is a modern browser built to protect your attention from dopamine-driven digital tech. It is the first-ever browsing solution tailored to the growing ADHD community and online professionals who care about their productivity. Sidekick upends the traditional browsing model of users being diverted to ads and excessive pages. Instead it provides quick access to web apps and removes distracting factors to protect your focus. Sidekick is 3x faster than Chrome.This is thanks to its streamlined engine, removal of tracking, memory optimization, and AI-powered tab management. Massive positive feedback from the ADHD community confirms that Sidekick significantly improves their quality of life.

Some of our standout features are as follows:

  1. A mighty Adblock which makes every ad disappear without a trace
  2. Split-view for simultaneous editing and instant replies 
  3. Support for in-browser tab searching + easily configurable shortcuts for quick tab switching
  4. Focus mode for life free of distractions 
  5. Master sessions which help you eliminate clutter and organize your workspace even better
  6. Sidekick Teams - a scalable virtual office with cutting-edge collaboration and focus tools for the best performance
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    Sidekick is:
    More than 25k active users. With most popular GEOs being: US, Europe, Japan, India and Thailand.
    Sidekick does not depend on the monetisation of user data as it is operated exclusively on a subscription based model.
    A trusted brand. There is a great amount of PR articles on the product.
    A high visitor conversion rate. Most visitors see the technology behind our product and want to try it.

Join us in promoting Sidekick and help your audience increase their productivity and focus!

Target audience:
Commission: $1 per active user and 30% of each first sale                                                                                                                                                       Monthly Pro Subscription is $14 and Annual Pro subscription is $120
Cookie window: 60-days
Links and banners: a wide selection of banners, text links and content
Mobile users are not as high value since conversion rates are significantly lower when compared of desktop users (Sidekick is primarily a desktop browser)
Support: email with any questions

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