Summary provides on-line hotel booking at highly discounted rates. We offer a highly competitive sales commission of 7% with a Bonus scheme. Choose from over 150,000 hotels in more than 7,000 cities worldwide!

Primary Region

United Kingdom UK Affiliate Programme


Performance Commission

Any affiliate with more than 2 confirmed sales per month will automatically receive a higher commission of 8% on all sales.

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About Us provides on-line booking of hotels at highly discounted rates. The travel portal allows visitors to book many types of accommodation including hotels, apartments, apart-hotels, anywhere in the world, with immediate confirmation of bookings.We offer a highly competitive sales commission of 7% with a bonus scheme. Product catalogues available, with more than 150,000 room configurations from over 150,000 hotels in more than 7,000 cities worldwide!


Benefits of the program:

- Attractive affiliate program and a very wide inventory of rooms  

- Wide selection of hotels at highly discounted prices ( ranging from 1 star - 5 star ) throughout  the world.

- 7% commission on hotel room sales with the possibility to be increased for high performing affiliates

- Bonus Scheme of £20 extra commission for every affiliate that achieves more than 20 confirm sales in 1 calender month

- 30-day duration cookie tracking to maximize revenue, most bookings are made within a week of the first visit

- Flexible technology tools - XML and product feed solutions

- Dedicated account manager offering strong technical, conversion and general support


Affiliate commission helps publishers monetize their traffic by offering high commission and an easy and efficient booking system to maximize revenue. To earn commissions with all you need to do is add one of our regularly updated banners or a direct text link to either one of our city pages or directly to our hotel detail page. With a dedicated in-house manager on hand to help you to integrate our tools in your site and optimise your revenue with our program.


Affiliate Incentive program

Besides our competitive commission structure we also offer an Incentive program whereby we can increase the commission levels for top performing affiliates. 


Voucher codes

We are happy to work with cashback & voucher code sites, but please note that affiliates may only list voucher authorized codes sent by Affiliate Window, Netstorming digital agency or Usage of any discount codes not received by these parties will result in the sales being declined.


Call centre number

Please note that there is currently a call centre telephone number present in the booking process which if used by visitors referred from affiliates, no commission can be currently paid out. As the number is hardcoded into the website we currently can't remove it. Generally, our call centre is used to re-assure potential customers that we are a secure & safe company to do business with. The number is used by a very small amount of users compared to the ones who book directly online.  


Products without commission

We do not offer commission on the following products (this is because the products are not sold directly by  

 - Apartments ( located only at this address: )  

 - Attractions ( located only at this address: )  

 - Transfers (located only at this address

 - Yachts ( located only at this address

 - Ferries ( located only at this address )

 - Hostels ( located only at this address )  

 - Flights ( located only at this address )


There is a static product feed, a searchable booking widget banner and a wide range of banners to suit many different types of sites and market segments.


Feed Mapping

The feed has been mapped with different column heading for the warranty section which corresponds to the city name of where the hotel is located.  

Please contact if you would like any technical, conversion or general assistance or have any questions you would like answered.