SevenYays is a countdown calendar to that big day. Birthday. Anniversary. Mother's, Father's Valentines Day. Any 'big day' will do. We offer a range of Ready-Made boxes plus you can Create Your Own unique SevenYays, choosing from over 400 fab gifts.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


SevenYays Affiliate Programme

SevenYays Program Description

A little bit about us….

SevenYays launched in June 2021 and is a Manchester based family business conceived in lockdown after our then 16 year old daughter asked “Why don’t we have ‘advent’ calendars for birthdays?” We couldn’t answer so she went away, made one and gave it to her little sister. Who shouted “Yay!” We saw it and thought what a wonderful idea. 

SevenYays is a countdown calendar to that big day. A birthday. An anniversary. Mother’s, Father’s and Valentine’s Day. Or the because-you’re-amazing-and-you-deserve-a-little-something-special days. We offer a range of Ready-Made boxes plus you can Create Your Own unique SevenYays, choosing from over 400 fab gifts.

We work hard to find the very best gifts to add to your SevenYays box. The ones that really make you smile. Really make you think ‘wow’. Really make you go ‘Yay!’ 

We'll always do what we can to protect our planet. That mean sustainably sourced and ethically produced products. Supporting independent British businesses and finding products that are cruelty-free, vegan and jam-packed with all-natural ingredients.

We work hard to make sure all our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible and completely recyclable.

At SevenYays we put the same care and attention into every SevenYays Box that we put into our very first, spreading the joy and sharing the love, one Yay at a time! Our excellent quality, great product range and faultless customer service is why we are so highly recommended by our customers!  

Here are just some of the reasons to promote our program: -

  • 10% Commission paid on all sales (excl VAT)
  • Fast validation period
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Strong conversion rate and retention
  • Best seller’s product lists available
  • Regular affiliate specific communication including deeplinks
  • Fantastic Product Ranges
  • Seamless Customer Journey
  • Excellent customer service 

SevenYays will not work with any sites that are of an illegal nature, including libellous or defamatory sites, hacking sites, software copying/piracy, hate, or racial hate sites.

Voucher Codes
Voucher codes promoted must be provided through the SevenYays Awin program. Vouchers are given on both a global and individual basis. Any voucher given on an individual basis must not be used/given to other affiliates on the network.

Cancelled Orders
SevenYays reserve the right to withdraw commission if we believe than an order has been placed fraudulently or if payment is not received for the order.

Closed PPC policy

No direct PPC is permitted for this program. This includes sponsored links/PPC ads that use the company’s name SevenYays, variations, misspellings or derivatives as a keyword or part of a key phrase on any search engine or as a display url. Also, please do not use the company’s website as a landing page.

Best Practice

SevenYays agrees, wherever possible, to provide affiliates with reasonable notice period on any significant changes to the campaign.

Please do not register url’s similar to without the merchant’s consent. SevenYays welcomes the opportunity to work with all affiliate types except software application affiliates.  

Affiliates must supply a working url in order to be accepted onto the program.

Please do not use competitor names to send traffic to the merchant’s site.

Refunded Orders
SevenYays do not pay commission on cancelled orders and reserves the right to cancel commission if the order is fraudulent.
Affiliates are not permitted to use SevenYays or variations in a domain name


Commission of 10% is payable on the basket value (excl VAT)

All sales (although SevenYays reserves the right to reject sales that are fraudulent)

Total Digital are pleased to inform you that they comply with the IAB AMC’s Ethical Merchant Charter and that this document has been written in accordance with this.