E Cigarette Direct has been supplying the electronic cigarette to customers since 2008. The e-cigarette is a device designed to simulate the process of smoking.

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E Cigarettedirect Affiliate Programme

E Cigarette Direct has been supplying high quality electronic cigarettes to customers since 2008. In that time we have shipped to the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and much of Europe. Through this, our great online presence and our 17 UK stores, we have become a well-known and trusted name in the e-cigarette industry.

We are also one of 10 UK companies to be members of The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association.

Other key Points to consider are:

  •   Conversion Rate: 6%
  •   AOV: £38.00
  •   A customer on average is worth £300 in the first year and £250 in the second year.
  •   We send out regular updates and newsletters to our affiliates to inform them of our latest offers
  •   We have supplied e-cigarettes to the Welsh National Opera to be used on stage
  •   We run a regularly updated blog with news and research about our product and industry
  •   We run regular special offers and discounts and offer a free user guide to all new customers
  •   30 day cookie length 

About the e-cigarette

The e-cigarette is a device designed to simulate the process of smoking. It looks like a cigarette, and the end lights up when you inhale, but avoids many of the harmful effects of ordinary cigarettes.

Key Selling points of the e-cigarette

·         No tobacco, no tar, no smell

·         Contains nicotine - while addictive, this is not the cause of smoking diseases

·         Research suggests 99% healthier and 75% cheaper than smoking

·         Can be used anywhere

How does it work?

The white end of the e-cig is the lithium battery container. Two of these are provided, so you should never be without your e-cigarette.

The brown end is the cartridge. Inside is a liquid which contains nicotine, propylene glycol (also used to make stage smoke) and an atomiser which heats up the liquid to create vapour.

What you inhale is not smoke, but vapor containing nicotine. However, when you exhale the vapor is present – and closely resembles smoke.

When you inhale, you activate the electronic circuits contained within the electronic cigarette. This initiates the vaporization process - and makes the end of the cigarette glow red. When you cease inhaling the vaporization will finish, with the cigarette returning to standby mode. The cigarette is battery operated, and can be recharged using the equipment provided.

The nicotine itself is contained in cartridges, which come in strengths of extra-high, high, medium, low - and zero strength.

Here at E Cigarette Direct we welcome affiliates of all shapes and sizes onto our programme. We give our customers a 30 day returns period and check and pay your commission at the beginning of every month, so you won't be waiting long for your money! Some affiliates take longer than others to reach Affiliate Window’s minimum payment threshold of £20 commission, however, which does impact our average payment time as this needs to be reached before Affiliate Window will pay out commissions. Unfortunately this increases our average payment time, but as long as you are earning more than this, you will be paid promptly and regularly! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our average payment time.

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