Summary is one of the largest Internet resellers of brand name computer technology and business electronic products.


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Ebuyer Business Affiliate Programme

Company is one of the largest Internet resellers of brand name computer technology and consumer electronics products. Founded in 1999, is headquartered in Howden, East Yorkshire. Employing over 300 employees, we service 3 million registered customers.

Our business philosophy is simple: give consumers and businesses what they want, when they want it. We never stop improving our world class operation by putting our customers - and their needs - first.

Ebuyer Business

Ebuyer covers all your business computing, networking and electrical needs. Whether you're purchasing for your business or on behalf of a school, a council, the MOD or a charity, Ebuyer has the most cost effective solution for you.

Designed to offer you a fully flexible and bespoke service, Ebuyer Business provides far more than the choice of over 50,000 different hardware and software products from the world's leading IT brands.

As the largest independent online electrical retailer in the UK, we offer the best prices available on the market plus volume purchase pricing discounts. We also offer software licensing, a range of payment and credit options, product sourcing and dedicated account management.

Why not browse our business product portfolio today, or pick up the phone and talk to a member of our business sales team and find out what benefits we offer you and your business.


At, our focus has always been on helping customers save time and money. Which is why we've invested in building a website that allows them to securely manage their accounts without intervention. It's the empowering, 24/7 self service approach that ensures we keep our customers satisfied, and our prices competitive.


Please ensure you have populated your own Darwin account with your affiliate name and URL in correct format in order for Ebuyer links to track correctly. Within your own Darwin account, select settings from the top area, Site Settings> and ensure you enter your affiliate name (not URL) in the "site name" field.


No domains containing the Ebuyer name in the URL or variations thereof (URL squatting)

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You cannot operate domains which contain trademarks for the sole purpose of driving traffic from Search Engines.

It is important to note that affiliates must not use the display URL of ( or any variation of this. Any affiliate using this display URL may be removed from the programme.

Affiliates may not use trademark terms such as a subdomain in their URL e.g.

Affiliates must use their own website which can include trademarks in the sub folders of the display URL


No use of the Ebuyer domain name in display URL's
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No bidding on the Ebuyer name, terms, variations or misspelling thereof (brand bidding)
The Ebuyer name to be included as a negative keyword.

Keyword Restrictions

Please note that bidding on Ebuyer brand words is strictly FORBIDDEN & will result in IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION