Established in 1985, Tessuti is a modern premium fashion destination, housing over 100 designer collections from established brands. With over 30 years experience, our curated selection includes Canada Goose, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood & more.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Tessuti Commission Groups Explained

Basket Value commission groups are bespoke for a number of cashback sites and are not programme wide.

Sale 4%- All Items that fall into the Sale section of the site

Default & Tessuti- 6%- All other Items


Global Levels for Tessuti
The global levels are the performance criteria that adjusts the level of commission a publisher earns. It affects the commission group level on all commission groups except those marked with an asterisk. The performance criteria can also affect the cookie length that the publisher is benefiting from.

Level Cookie Length Condition
Level 1 30 Days default level

* Commission group excluded from global levels