SPh2ONGE is one of the largest cleaning brands on social media. The unique range of cleaning products includes the super absorbent range plus a range of high-quality microfibre cloths with a whole range of new innovative products in the pipeline.


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SPh2ONGE Affiliate Programme

SPh2ONGE Affiliate Programme

SPh2ONGE is one of the fastest growing brands in the U.K., initially launched on social media with the help of popular creators Mrs Hinch @mrshinchhome, Lynsey Crombie @lynsey_queenofclean and more, our range of innovative product help around the home. 

Primarily based in cleaning, SPh2ONGE offer solutions to get home sparkling and turn an often-boring task into something enjoyable and fun! Future plans for expansion will include Pets, Beauty and more! 

SPh2ONGE has a thriving online community, with over 450,000 TikTok & 110,000 Instagram followers and we’re looking for creators like yourself to create content around our brand to increase traffic and generate revenue to allow both parties to become more successful. 

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