Uniquely blending natural nootropics, adaptogens, CBD and botanicals to create plant based, fully sustainable, cruelty free wellness products. Our focus is to create a multi-sensory experience when shopping with us. From aroma to packaging texture.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The London Dispensary Affiliate Programme

The London Dispensary - premium CBD, nootropics and adaptogens 

The 15 national award-winning CBD brand. As featured in Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Glamour, Metro, Hip and Healthy.

The London Dispensary is a range of premium quality, ethically sourced, plant-based CBD products infused with natural mushroom nootropics and adaptogens. Meticulously crafted into 3 unique and distinct ranges to take the complexity out of wellness, they are Boost, Balance and Bed. Each range has a distinct personality, including scent profile, flavours and statement colour. 

The London Dispensary launched a comprehensive collection of broad-spectrum CBD products. CBD oils, and the quick to become an early favourite, CBD gummies infused with ginseng, chaga and lion's mane gummies, created to help with energy regulation and reductions in brain fog. In fact, The London Dispensary has over 25 unique products not including gift sets, kits, and bundles. CBD balms and very popular CBD cream - muscle and joints,

Our ethos is centred on the principle that personal wellness should not be at the expense of others or the plant. We live and breathe this from our ethical sourcing to our work in partnership with Ecologi, who we work with to remain carbon-positive as a business, from funding tree planting to funding wind farms in Thailand. We extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than our business operations put in. We will never greenwash and then use plastic lids. We have gone to great lengths to ensure sustainability at The London Dispensary is core to everything, from our glass and aluminium containers to our natural kraft paper and soy inks. No stone is left not turned in our pursuit to make sure our customers' minds can be at ease knowing their well-being is ultimately doing good all over the planet.

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What are the benefits of the The London Dispensary CBD Affiliate programme?

Please note, commissions are paid excluding VAT and delivery charges

•A high average order value 
•High conversion rates
•30 day cookie to ensure that your sales are rewarded
•Great discounts and incentives run regularly
•Additional incentives for high performing affiliates

We want you to be successful, so we’ll run frequent promotions to encourage greater conversions. We will provide regular and updated banner creative and text links, promotional information and fully functioning, regularly updated product feeds. As an added feature, the feed will include discounted prices on any products in sale.

**Unauthorised voucher codes will result in your commission being declined for sales made with these vouchers. Only vouchers issued by The London Dispensary for the affiliate channel will be issued the standard commission**


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