Beauty By Echika is an online and offline hair supplier for b2b and b2c. Located in the Netherlands, selling international. Echika (25y) runs the company together with her husband (26y).


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Beauty By Echika NL Publishers-programma

Whether you use hair extensions in your daily life or just need a custom product for a special occasion, you can always find the right product at Beauty By Echika.   
There are many variables that can determine the quality of hair, comfort, or the longevity of your hair extensions and wigs. Unfortunately, not everyone understands it. This is why we pay attention to every facet of our product to offer you the premium quality, style and comfort within a normal price range. 
At Beauty By Echika, all of the products are developed right for each hair type and condition. 
We do more then only sell products. We care about hair.

In our programme you will get 10% marge on all orders placed through you. Since our average order amount is between €120-580 the 10% can pay very well.

We have a return policy of 14 days from the day the order arrives, within that period they need to tell us if they want to return. From that point they have 14 days to return it. 

So you will be payout at about 30 days after that order.