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Artizanale Canvas Prints (US)

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Artizanale™ is an online canvas printing company created to provide inspiring and innovative wall art in an industry sometimes left behind. Our goal is to put a new spin on interior design through fabulous quotes in a way that's entirely our own.


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60 Days


Artizanale Canvas Prints (US) Affiliate Program

Artizanale™ is an all-online, canvas printing company started in Harrisburg with the aim of providing high quality and innovative wall decoration to an industry sometimes left behind. Our goal at Artizanale is to put a new spin on interior design through fabulous quotes in a way that's entirely our own. Join us on our journey!

We recognize the value of our ambassadors as they represent the image of our brand in the eyes of the general public; Reason why we strive to put them and their audiences in the best conditions with the minimum of constraints and the maximum of benefits (1 to 5 times more than competitors on Awin).

Here is how our program works:

  • Our affiliates (YOU) get paid 20% of all sales generated + 5$ per Customer/per order which translates as follow on average:
CustomersSalesYour Payout
Customer I1$23,93 
Customer II2$42.86 
Customer III3$61.79

*Estimate based on 34 selected products

Note: This commission rate is likely to be increased if the affiliate demonstrates satisfactory results.

And that's not all! In addition You and your lovely audience get all these benefits:

  • Short Validation Period!  You will be  awarded a sale 15 days after the customer gets delivered and don't ask to be refunded within that period.


  • Free Shipping!  You get a promotional code that allows your US audience to enjoy free shipping on every order!


  •  Full 60 Day Cookie Period! You will be awarded sale up to 60 days after a link click. Ex: If a customer click on your link but only make a purchase 59days later, you will still get paid the full 20% on the sale + $5 for that customer.


  •  Free Products!  In addition to the commissions on each sale generated, you are eligible to claim 1 free products that you can use for the promotions or keep, as well as 1 other of your choice which you can use as you wish (directly send as a gift to friends/family members or giveaway to your audience).


  • Easy Refund! The customers you generate can also ask for a refund without justification up to 30days after delivery. You will still be paid the full  commissions if the request arrives after 15 days. Ex: A customer purchased a product using your link and asks for a refund 16days after delivery. You will still get paid the full 20% on the sale + $5 for that customer.


  •  Referral Bonus! You get $50 for every content creator you refer to join our program once they are approved no matter which platform they use(YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Blog…).


  •  Giveaways! We also to organize giveaways where your audience can benefit free products upon approval by our team.

**Promotions should only be the HONEST opinion of the Affiliate and should NEVER be a false testimonial even if they are in favor of Artizanale. You will be send more details on the campaign after you approval.

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