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Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Simple Landlord Insurance Affiliate Programme

Simple Landlords Insurance

Landlords insurance is essential for anyone renting out a property, either commercial or residential, so you would be an ideal merchant if you have any insurance or property related websites and traffic.

A leading affiliate on Affiliate Window, our merchant score currently sits at over 88%. Impressive when compared to the Network average of around 74%. Making Simple Landlords Insurance one of the TOP 5 Performing Affiliate Schemes in the Finance and Insurance Section.

Simple Landlord Insurance offers competitively priced cover, for a wide range of properties and tenant types. Customers benefit from being able to get a quote and take out cover online in a matter of minutes and manage them online too.

Key Facts about the Simple Landlords Insurance Affiliate Scheme:

- 12% Affiliate Commission on all valid sales!

- 30 day cookie period – making sure commission is tracked on return visits

- AOV of over £149

- Conversion rate of 9%

- A leading provider of Landlords Insurance

- Cover is adaptable to meet the individual landlord’s needs

- Cover for a variety of building types including unoccupied properties

- Customers can manage policies online putting them in control

As a Simple Landlords Insurance Affiliate you can earn a generous 12% commission on every valid sale of the Simple Landlords Insurance you generate.

The scheme is managed by the Simple Landlords Insurance affiliate team, who are on hand to provide you with creative, information and advice.

A range of banner adverts are available and a 30 day cookie ensures you receive commission even if the customer takes out a policy on a return visit.

You can also manage your programme by logging into Affiliate Window where you can view your schemes performance and keep up to date with any commission payments coming your way.

Commission is paid via Affiliate Window, by BACS on a twice monthly basis for the previous month's activity as per Affiliate Window Terms and Conditions.

Please note that voucher code affiliates are not eligible for commission unless agreed otherwise.