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Behrens, a more than a century-old heritage brand, the largest manufacturer of steel containers in the U.S. and has achieved this longevity with one promise, use the best materials to create quality metalware that is built for now and made to last.


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The Inside Story of BEHRENS

Founded in 1911, Behrens Manufacturing creates high-quality, well-crafted metalware in Winona, Minnesota. From the past century to today, Behrens is forever forged into the fabric of U.S. manufacturing and remains a tribute to American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Behrens Manufacturing is proud to be the number one steel container manufacturer in America. Visit online at to learn more.

Behrens delivers daily on its promise to use the best materials to create quality, long-lasting and sustainable products. In addition to the Behrens Metalware Classics line, which includes galvanized steel cans, tubs, bushel baskets, pails and specialty items that feature designs more than 100 years old, the company introduced a new handcrafted line of products, Behrens Metalware Home Industrials, The Home Industrials™ line builds on the legacy of 108 years by designing classic home goods with the best materials to create metalware products that are simple, stylish and highly versatile for endless uses inside and outside the home. They are designed to deliver on the Behrens promise of high quality and durability.

Additionally, Behrens continues to forge the front end of sustainability and circular design. While Behrens has always manufactured responsibly, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions while producing 100% recyclable products, the company has taken it to a new level, partnering with the nonprofit organization Metal Packaging Europe, making Behrens one of only a few U.S. manufacturers permitted to use the organization’s Metal Recycles Forever Mark.

Behrens wants consumers and retailers to know that steel is one of the most sustainable products on the planet. With 70% of domestic steel starting as scrap metal, it can be infinitely recycled with no loss of inherent properties, is rodent-proof, odor-proof, weather, and chemical resistant with zero petroleum. All these attributes make steel a superior material to plastic, a limited-recyclable material that is shown to harm wildlife, oceans, and people. We believe in providing the tools our customers need to continue the cycle of circularity by providing access to Steel Recycling Centers. Steel is better for the planet than plastic!

The products Behrens creates today still help the world work and get organized, today our purpose transcends function and surpasses utility. From the tubs that hold the Farmer’s Market’s first blossoms to the pails that gather sands at the lake and hold cold beer… our greatest passion is to inspire, to bring joy and add beauty.

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