OFFSCENT is a premium fragrance and beauty store, one of the largest in the UK. We stock a large catalogue of luxury perfume, aftershave, makeup and other beauty products.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

OFFSCENT Affiliate Programme

You love fragrance? Us too. We love it so much we're building the largest catalogue of premium perfumes that exists in the UK. How about you, do you love it enough to promote it to your audience?


OFFSCENT is the Amazon of fragrance. We stock over 10,000 perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, haircare and other beauty products. OFFSCENT was founded on the premise that premium can be affordable too. From makeup to lipsticks to shaving cream, every product on is heavily discounted from their official RRP.




  • Quality Products: original premium brand names at affordable prices
  • Convenient: free delivery on all orders over £50 to the UK mainland
  • Trustworthy: 28-day money-back guarantee, plus free returns
  • Client Services: fragrance experts happy to chat 24/7


Program Highlights


  • Earn commissions up to 15% on referred sales
  • You get a personal 15% OFF coupon, and other affiliate dedicated discounts and offers (can only be used towards personal purchases)
  • Original creative and media assets
  • Fast payout
  • 30-day cookie window
  • Dedicated partnership and marketing support to come up with promotional ideas
  • Average order value is over £100 and returns are low
  • Gain access to over 10,000 premium fragrance and beauty products through our Daily Product Feed
  • Get to work with a team whose sole focus is to help you succeed

Commission Structure

  • New customers: 15%
  • Existing customers: 10%
  • New customer purchase with discount voucher code: 10%
  • Existing customer purchase with discount voucher code: 5%
  • Items on sale will deduct 2% (i.e. new customers purchasing an item on sale will reduce the commission for the specific product to 12%. Existing customers purchasing an item on sale with a discount will reduce the commission for the specific product to 3%)



  • We validate in line with our returns policy which is 30 days. Commissions will be confirmed after this period has been completed depending on the status of the order.
  • Commission is payable on sales tracked directly through Awin, attributed to the Affiliate Account ID on a last-click-wins basis.

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