As a member of Plusshop, you get access to the best prices in a wide variety of products, from beauty products, footwear and personal care to kitchen and household equipment.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Plusshop IE Affiliate Programme

Welcome to our Partner program.

Plusshop is a webshop which provide the possibility to buy thousands of branded products. Costumers has two options when buying, to become a member, by shopping with membership price (save up to 75%) and they will get cheaper products or by buying for normal price.

Plusshop offers around 10.000 products in a wide range of categories: 

  • Beauty & personal care
  • Footwear & accessories
  • Training equipments
  • Baby & children equipments
  • Toys
  • Kitchen equipments
  • Household & cleaning products
  • DIY & garden tools 
  • Pet products
  • Travel equipments 
  • Electronics & accessories
  • Gaming and consol equipments
  • Mobile & tablet accessories


Get some of the highest commission with Plusshop

We pay you a fixed price of €8 per sale you make for us.


USP’s for Plusshop IE:

·         Thousands of products

·         Branded products

·         Save up to 75%

·         Shipping from €2.95

·         30 days return policy

·         Safe payment

Plusshop is active in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and UK.

Denmark: AWIN ID-16271
Ireland: AWIN ID-29511
Sweden AWIN ID- 16274
United Kingdom:  

Join our affiliate program and be a part of our concept.

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