Rahua (Ra-wa) is a hair care brand with a portfolio of plant based products rooted in the power of Mother Nature. We believe in a world made whole by embracing natural beauty practices, with a nature-conscious approach mindset and lifestyle.


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rahua (US & Canada) Affiliate Program

When the worlds of Amazon Beauty® founders Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers merged, they become devoted life partners with shared environmental...and business...interests. Rahua grew from their commitment to creating luxurious, highly effective, natural beauty products, and from their roles as environmental activists, dedicated to pre-serving the ecological treasures of the Amazon Rainforest.

Rahua hair, body and wellness products are created with powerful, natural, authentic plant-derived ingredients and produced through
centuries-old Amazonian traditions to deliver superior, unparalleled results. Rahua is highly efficacious daily hair care, fashion-forward
styling and luxurious wellness and body care. Our superfood nourishers preserve hair and skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. Our aromatherapeutic, intoxicating scents are energizing, uplifting and promote positivity. All Rahua products are organic, vegan, cruelty free as well as free of gluten, sulfates and parabens.

For every bottle of rahua sold=1 acre or Amazon rainforest preserved. rahua is presently preserving 150K acres of prisitne biodiverse jungle per year. Sequestering approximately 750,000 tons of CO2 annually. 

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We want to partner with individuals who are passionate about luxurious, clean and sustainable beauty solutions and who also share our nature-conscious lifestyle approach. Basically anyone who loves great hair care products that are good for you and our environment.