Learning more and building the best is what we stand for. Our goal is to help every parent feel confident. Our play products are designed by child development experts with the simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Lovevery EU Affiliate Programme


Lovevery is here to help you get more out of the early years: more joy, more learning, and more connection. We’re on a mission to give families a support system for brighter futures—and the confidence that they’re giving their child the best start.

Lovevery Europe

The award-winning Play Kits subscription programme is now available to be shipped to over 25 countries in Europe and the UK. The Play Kits are designed for children 0-4 years old and are available in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. We also offer amazing standalone products: for babies, the Play Gym and the Sensory Strands, and for toddlers, the Block Set and the Pull Pup.


It's simple: We give you tools to help you drive traffic to and and pay you a commission based on every conversion you drive! You'll earn money based on what a customer purchases.

Your tools will include compelling text links, eye-catching banners, and unique imagery to use on your site and social media posts. Each of these will have its own unique ID that will allow us to measure how much traffic you send to our website. If your audience is interested in child development, stage-based science, and playing to learn, apply today.


Just create an affiliate account with AWIN and search for Lovevery, or apply below! Once partnered, you will have the ability to promote some of Lovevery's top products.


How much will I be paid?
How much you earn is dependent on the volume of sales driven and the content of your website or promotional method. Your specific compensation may vary, for example if you are a coupon or discount focused site, but our default structure includes a generous flat fee for each new Play Kit subscription that you drive, and a percentage of revenue on our standalone items (the Play Gym, Sensory Strands, Block Set or Pull Pup).

How often?
Payouts via AWIN happen every 60 days, assuming an affiliate has cleared a minimum threshold in their earnings.

How will I be paid?
Payment method is set up by each affiliate through AWIN. 

Managed by DMi Partners
Lovevery affiliate programme is managed by DMi Partners. For questions, comments, or inquiries, please reach out to