At the heart of One Third Stories is our Clockwork Methodology™ – a unique approach to language learning that gradually introduces kids to new words and phrases through beautifully illustrated stories.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

One Third Stories Affiliate Programme

Stories that begin in English and end in French, Spanish, Italian or German.

The fun way to introduce kids to a new language, delivered to your door every month. Packed with stories, activities and flashcards for ages 4-9.

Every month, you’ll receive a box containing a beautifully illustrated storybook and a variety of complementary resources. Each story begins in English. One by one, words from your child’s new language are gradually introduced. The context and illustrations make the meaning of each word instantly clear. As the story progresses, these words develop into whole phrases, whole sentences and eventually whole pages in your child’s new language.