We're an online wall fixings and hooks retailer dedicated to helping customers find the right wall fixing or hook for their DIY project quickly and easily with a 3-step selector.


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Wall Wizard Affiliate Programme

Choosing wall fixings can be confusing and frustrating with the sheer number of options available. How do you know which one's the right one for your wall type and application? At Wall Wizard we firmly believe that selecting the right fixing for the right wall with the right load rating should be simple. With this in mind, we have set up a simple website that needs no more than 3 steps to return results that you can rely on. 

We’ve been doing construction stuff for over 45 years and been into the detail with fixings for 10. During this time we have been keen to develop a simple to use and visually pleasing platform that removes all of the mystique and risk around selecting wall fixings. 

Wall Wizard brings a simple, intuitive and pain free way for consumers and tradespeople to choose wall fixings or hooks. Our website also includes a comprehensive Help Hub for anyone needing a helping hand choosing the right product to get the job done!

We don’t feel business or wall fixings need to be complicated, and we aim to offer the best selling and most trusted selection of wall fixings and hooks on the market today.


Why should you join the program?

  • Innovative offering
  • Multiple products inventory
  • Competitive prices
  • Technical advice
  • Next day delivery


Affiliate program

  • Attractive commission of 10%
  • Cookie length: 30 days
  • Regular communications with best deals and offers
  • Attractive banners and bespoke creative available

Our programme is a simple but effective one. So sign up today to benefit from 10% commission, payable on all confirmed sales! Join the Wall Wizard Programme today to start earning!


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