VuWing has created the first universal travel phone holder, capable of holding any smartphone on planes, trains, buses, flat surfaces and more, so that travelers can enjoy their on-the-go entertainment handsfree.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

VuWing (US & Canada) Affiliate Program

Thank you for you interest in partnering with VuWing. We understand the power of your referral marketing network and are always looking to partner with top tier affiliates. Awin is our only platform, making it easy to provide credit without the need of cross-checking and deduplication. 

We are particularly interested in:

  • Social Influencers
  • Content Creators Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Review Sites
  • Editorials & Press

If this is you, the VuWing affiliate program invites you to reach out to discuss our program, samples and commissions.

Our program offers an uncomplicated, non-tiered, flat 10% commission on all sale net revenue, with pay-outs per the standard AWIN Publisher schedule (bi-monthly). We adhere to the standard cookie life of 30days, plus the last cookie wins rule to ensure you get credit on all of your purchase referrals. Our product MSRP's for $19.99 which places VuWing well within any travelers budget.

Affiliates get access to all of our high-res images and advertiser content. Need something we don't have? Just ask, we are happy to work with our affiliates whenever possible.

Our patented, trademarked product, name and logos cannot be altered, and must include the 'registered symbol' along with our brand font and Pantone colors (guidance provided).

VuWing works on planes, trains, buses, flat surfaces and even hangs from luggage handles, so no matter where the traveler is or what mode of transportation they're taking, we can keep their entertainment handsfree. Prevent drops, spills, neck pain (text-neck) and improve your travel entertainment experience with VuWing.

*There are roughly 8,000 US flights and over 2Mil daily travelers through TSA's reporting (Sept 2021).

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