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Antinol® is a natural, side-effect free pet supplement that helps to maintain healthy joints and mobility in cats and dogs.

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We are Antinol® - a natural, powerful supplement that helps to maintain healthy joints and mobility in cats and dogs. We stand for the purest form of pet health, resulting in happiness in motion, enhancing performance, and ultimately strengthening the connection between humans and our pets.

We are the leading joint health super-supplement in over 13 countries (inluding the #1 vet-recommended joint supplement in Japan and Thailand). Taken daily, Antinol® helps support your dog’s or cat's joint, skin and cardiovascular function, helping them to maintain an active lifestyle while reducing joint discomfort linked to aging and activity. Our product works quickly and is safe for long-term use, with no serious side effects. Without the need of a prescription, pet owners can now confidently help maintain their aging pet’s health and mobility with Antinol®. 

Antinol's concentrated formula includes a natural, organic blend of 6 marine lipid groups including Omega-3, ETA, EPA, DHA, DPA OTA, and it contains over 90 essential fatty acids. Antinol® comes in a 0.4-in long softgel, and can be tableted or used in conjunction with a pill pocket or wrap.

Antinol® recently announced a multi-year partnership with the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), designed to raise awareness of common mobility issues faced by all dogs, and ways to improve and maintain the quality of life of dogs.

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