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The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co.

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Pinter: World-first, precision-engineered technology for anyone to access 10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer at home.

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United Kingdom


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The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. Affiliate Programme

Pinter delivers Fresh Beer. And everyone wants Fresh Beer.

Though we are a young, new company, we spent many years bringing brewing into people's homes - following a pattern of homebrewing methods meant we were never satisfied - with the products nor the process. Innovation takes time, trials and lessons learned, which taught us how to create an experience that is not only a natural evolution in the history of brewing but a world-first drinking experience.

A taproom in every home seemed impractical, but the notion of a desire for quality beer of choice still remained. That's where the Pinter™ comes in.

Our mission is to make great-tasting drinking accessible to as many people as possible and open a new world of Fresh Beer for all.

Years of time, effort, and development have gone into precision engineering the Pinter at every level to ensure Fresh Brewing™ is seamless in nature and of unprecedented quality. Using hand-crafted recipes direct from our Master Brewer, enjoy incredible Fresh Beer at home.