Filofax has the largest range of tablet cases, Notebooks and personal organisers and refills in the UK. Time is precious so how do you find the time to do all the things you want to do? With a little organisation and careful planning, you can have it all


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Filofax UK Affiliate Programme

About Filofax

Filofax has the largest range of personal organisers, diary refills and Tablet Cases for Apple and Samsung products in the UK. As Filofax is such a well-known brand, the word has become the generic term for personal organisers in the UK, much like Hoover is for vacuum cleaners and Sellotape is for adhesive tape. Launched in 1921, today Filofax is contemporary and fashionable with exciting, colourful and diverse product ranges.

As a premium brand, Filofax offers an attractive programme for affiliates to increase sales of a wide range of products:

- Tablet Cases
- Notebooks
- Clipbook
- Personal organisers
- Leather Accessories (wallets, passport covers, purses)
- Pens, Pencils and Refills
- Organiser accessories (calculators, mirrors, hole-punch)
- Paper and dated refills

Filofax has a very broad consumer base in the UK, ranging from 16 to 65 and over, with approx. 65% of consumers being female. Products in the programme range from £5.50 up to £295, with an average online transaction value of £32. The Filofax site enjoys a good conversion rate of 8% and higher. PLUS Filofax offers FREE delivery on all orders over £30

Customers will buy Filofax products for themselves and as gifts for friends and family. It is common for more than one item to be purchased in a single visit.


What Filofax offers Affiliates

- 15% commission on all Tablet Case Sales
- 8% commission on all non-paper products
- 2% commission on paper products
- Cookie length of 30 days
- High quality creatives readily available
- Bonus programmes for high-sellers
- Special offers for Affiliates in the programme throughout the year
- Access to exclusive affiliate promotional codes
- A proactive eMarketing team at Filofax UK offering full support to Affiliates in the programme

It is important to note that the non-paper category makes up the majority of sales. These products also have a higher average order value, on which we will pay the full 8% - 15% commission.