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The Accountancy Partnership

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The Accountancy Partnership has a strong commission offering for affiliates. Our programme is supported by a 60 day auto validation period.

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United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

The Accountancy Partnership Affiliate Programme

Here at The Accountancy Partnership we aim to simplify tax and accounting for our clients by providing a refreshing alternative to stuffy accountants and unapproachable finance professionals.

Our online accounting services support sole traders, limited companies, contractors and freelancers. Our handpicked team of qualified and chartered accountants provide accounts, tax returns, bookkeeping and payroll services, and CIS returns all for a low fixed monthly fee. We take pride in giving our clients access to accountants, not account managers.  

Prices for our services start from £24.50 per month for sole traders and partnerships to £39.50 per month for limited companies, but we also have a range of add-on services which can increase that amount.


Commission structure:

As a service-based advertiser, we want to make it clear that clients join us for a minimum of 12 months and that we pay our publishers commission based on the client's first monthly fee.


*Limited time start-up offer - 100% commission for all publishers*

We're currently running a 3-month start up offer for all publishers who join our network.

The commission rate for all publishers during this limited time offer will be 100% of the first monthly fee.


Regular commission rate:

Content & Bloggers base rate: 20% of the first month’s fee

Email base rate: 20% of the first month’s fee

Sub network base rate: 20% of the first month’s fee

Discount / Cashback / Voucher base rate: 20% of the first month's fee

Other: 20% of the first month’s fee

Manual offline reporting; extended validation dates over 30 days.