Adjust your interior without creating a new light point? Lightswing makes it possible. A unique and stylish hanging system that makes the design of a kitchen, living room or bedroom flexible. A popular interior solution in more than 10 countries.

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Lightswing – The solution for moving your Light

The idea of ​​the Lightswing arose when Paul moves into his new home. During the move, the kitchen table was moved, so that the pendant lamp no longer hangs above the table. When moving the pendant lamp, the ceiling will be badly damaged. "Moving a pendant lamp should be easy, right? That same afternoon, he devised an innovative suspension system that ensures that his pendant lamp can be moved quickly and easily.


How does it work

The Lightswing offers a stylish and practical solution for easily moving, changing and removing pendant lamps. The system can slide up to 80 cm in both directions and rotate 360°. So, do you want to move a pendant light to the front, back, left or right? This can be done in an instant with the Lightswing.

The suspension system is suitable for one or two pendant lamps. With the handy Quick Release, you can easily attach and detach your pendant lamp(s). This allows lamps to be easily changed or even temporarily removed. Ideal for a party or a gourmet evening.

The Lightswing not only offers a way to adjust a light point. The Lightswing gives everyone the opportunity to create a stylish and flexible interior. The design of the Lightswing is unique and timeless. In addition to the option of choosing from multiple variants and colours, the Lightswing can be endlessly combined with almost all pendant lamps up to 3.5 kg.


Top reasons to start promoting Lightswing today

The Lightswing has now grown into a unique and indispensable interior item that is already used in more than 25,000 households throughout Europe. At the time of writing this article, the number is still growing.

By signing up to the Lightswing affiliate program, you can benefit from the growth the brand is currently experiencing. After demonstrations at VT-wonen and Eigen Huis & Tuin, a solid foundation has already been laid in brand awareness in the Netherlands. More major marketing campaigns will follow in the near future, both at home and abroad. Consumer research has shown that our customers often make a purchase through inspiration, blogs and/or social media.

  • Take advantage of the growth of the Lightswing brand.
  • A unique and popular interior solution for frequently mentioned frustrations.
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