Kiss of Wine is a new canned wine brand featuring high quality wines from small-batch independent winemakers... one glass at a time! It was born from an ethos that you shouldn’t have to open a whole bottle to enjoy a great quality, artisan wine.

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Introducing Kiss of Wine. Founded by female entrepreneur and wine lover Jennifer Browarczyk, Kiss of Wine was born from an ethos that you shouldn’t have to open a whole bottle to enjoy great quality, artisan wine.
Kiss of Wine has handpicked a stellar lineup of small-batch, independent European winemakers to create a range of eight single-varietal canned wines. This includes a winemaker whose family’s vineyard has supplied wines to Europe’s Michelin-starred restaurants and another who trained in the prestigious Sancerre region (more info below)
Kiss of Wine specifically features wines with the acidity and freshness that works best in cans so drinkers don’t need to compromise on quality. Combining this exceptional quality wine with the added environmental benefits and convenience associated with canned wine such as better recyclability, reduced wine wastage compared with bottled wine and reduced carbon footprint. 
Meet the Kiss of Wine collection and its winemakers

2018 Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy - 12.5% ABV
Corado is a true grape grower, farmer and superb artisan winemaker. He comes from a family of winemakers of which he is the fourth generation and he has a long-standing heritage in Piemonte as his family were pioneers in the production of Barbaresco. Corado follows sustainable and natural winemaking processes and his volumes of production never exceed 35,000 litres.

2020 Dolcetto from Piedmont, Italy - 12% ABV
Also made by Corrado in the prestigious region of Piemonte famed for Barolo and Barbaresco that both utilise the regions most popular grape, Nebbiolo. The Dolcetto used to produce ‘Wild’ comes from the Langhe region within Piemonte, which is the more southerly area close to the town of Treiso. This is an area that has three D.O.C. wines and two D.O.C.G. wines so can be considered one of the best in the world.

2020 Riesling from Rheingau, Germany - 12% ABV
Brothers Christoph and Thomas are sustainably led winemakers producing outstanding Riesling from its home in the Rheingau. The brothers have very particular methods when it comes to caring for their vines and adopt ‘vine wellness programmes’ to ensure the best fruit
is grown. Both brothers are winemakers with Christoph more focused on oenology and harvest and Thomas looking after the vineyards and cellar.

2020 Sauvignon Blanc from The Loire Valley, France - 12% ABV
Crisp is made by Nicholas, who trained in making wine in Sancerre and also studied packaging for wines in some detail, so he is the perfect person to make wine for cans. He is now growing grapes by the ‘raisonn’ method, which means sustainable farming, and following the high standards of the Alliance Loire and cooperative, Les Vignerons du Vend mois, of which he is the owner.

2020 Chardonnay from The Loire, France - 12% ABV
Another Nicholas-made wine. The Chardonnay grapes in the Loir experience similar conditions to those in Burgundy and the fruit used in Nicholas’ wines come from the 5 best terroirs within the appellation. The vines are exposed to the rising sun, which benefits the grapes from early sunlight in the day. The plots are also located along the Loir River, which creates a microclimate perfect for grape growing. Each site is
situated close to Vend me where the winery is located.

2020 Caladoc from Provence, France - 12.5% ABV
Hailing from Provence. Where else?! The Rosé winemaker, Pierre, makes wines at the Cellier Lou Bassaquet where a number of wines are certified organic and the whole estate is looked after sustainably. The terroir of the cellar spans nearly 600 hectares, facing the Sainte-Victoire massif. From the foothills of Mount Olympus to the Kirbon terraces, the vines take root on soils that promote good natural acidity in the wines.

2020 sparkling Riesling, Rheingau, Germany - 12% ABV
Made by Winemaking brothers, Christoph and Thomas, situated in the crown jewel of German wine production, the ‘Brueder Eser’ plots are located in a famous Riesling area, called Rheingau. The majority of vines are planted in the foothills of the Taunus Mountains and benefit from the microclimate the Rhine River provides. The grapes for this wine come from younger and older vines and that helps with the production of good quality fruit and ensuring the much-loved characteristics of Riesling are experienced when drinking Zesty.

2020 Caladoc from Provence, France - 12.5% ABV
Again from Provence, Pierre makes the wines so they are honest and
true to the terroir, with excellent fruit character driving them but also elegant on appearance. The exposure on the northern slope allows the berries to escape the too fiery scorching of the sun and favours a slow ripening guaranteeing a subtle marriage between vines and terroir.