Welcome to The Practice CBD Referral Program! Key highlights: high commission, high AOV (~£100), high quality CBD products. We're a small independent business and believe in the power of reputation – that's why we reward great publishers!

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United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


The Practice CBD Affiliate Programme

The Practice provides the opportunity to earn great commissions, while providing your audience with the best quality CBD products.

Apply today and join the community!

Key reasons to join:

  • High commissions (up to 20%)
  • High AOV (~£100) – enquire and we'll show you!
  • High quality, certified CBD products that your audience will love
  • CBD is increasing in popularity due to the benefits across health and wellness
  • We're an independent business with sustainability at our core

Why The Practice?

The Practice is all about trust and transparency. As with other emerging markets, we accept that the CBD industry can be somewhat of a minefield and understand the difficulties associated with finding a reputable source from which to obtain the highest quality product available. Our aim is to provide all of our customers with a sustainable partner, focused entirely on assisting and accompanying them throughout their CBD journey.

Our innovative range of hemp-based products are responsibly sourced for customers seeking a greater quality of life through CBD. Our suppliers are some of the world’s leading innovators in this space and are at the cutting edge of organic cultivation, research and development of hemp-based wellness solutions globally.

All of our partners take great pride and care in their research and every facet of their work. This unrivalled commitment to innovative cannabinoid science, coupled with our dedication to our work and due diligence means we are able to periodically control the process of producing exceptional ingredients. The result, our ever-evolving range of consistent, credible and fully certified CBD products.

Our Customers

"This is the best CBD oil I’ve used, it works almost instantly & really helps me clear my head."

Katie B.

"I've definitely seen improvements with my anxiety and sleep!"

Pat L.

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