Paired, the #1 app for couples, is your guide to a happy relationship via fun daily questions, quizzes and expert advice designed to improve communication and deepen intimacy.


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Paired (US & Canada) Affiliate Program


Love more, stress less – join the Paired affiliate program today and earn up to 10% commission for every purchase of Paired’s Premium subscription.


A little about us...

Paired is the #1 app for couples to improve communication, stay connected, and deepen intimacy.

The app combines fun daily questions and quizzes that partners swap answers to with relationship tips from leading therapists and academics. Paired is suitable for everyone, whatever their sexuality and whether they are in a serious relationship, married, or a new couple. Crucially, the app is proven to work. Researchers from The Open University and the University of Brighton found couples who use Paired over 3 months saw a 36% improvement in relationship quality and many other benefits.

We were also named one of Google's 'Best Apps of 2020' and awarded 'App of the Day' by Apple in December 2020.


About the affiliate program…

The Paired affiliate program is offering up to 10% commission on in-app and website purchases of our annual and monthly Premium subscription. Please note, the commission is on the first subscription value payment.

Promoting us won’t be hard - we've won a number of awards, have outstanding user reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and receive regular press coverage. Plus, we frequently run discounts to attract consumers.

To make things easier, you’ll have direct access to Paired’s dedicated affiliate team who can answer your questions. We love to work collaboratively, so if you have ideas for how to make the program better, let’s come together and discuss.


Tools to help you effectively promote Paired...

Once you've been approved onto the program you'll have exclusive access to a range of images and content to help you best promote Paired, such as:

  • Paired logos
  • Banner creatives in a variety of sizes (bespoke sizing available)
  • Engaging content and articles around the subject of relationships
  • Text links/links to promotional pages
  • Exclusive consumer discounts

In addition, we regularly update creative and text links and provide information on forthcoming promotions and seasonal events to help you maximize your earnings. 

And if you have any specific requests, or need more, we’ll do our very best to help!


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