Single parent-owned inclusive fashion brand wanting to dress all the bodies! Big butts or small ones, soft tums or firm ones, heavy tits and squishy bits, six-packs or back fat!


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Manners London Affiliate Programme

Manners London Affiliate Programme 

Manners London Affiliate Programme – Come join the revolution!

Reasons to promote Manners London products:

I am Sally, Solo parent and homeschooler of my 11 year old kid, Owner of manners London, lifelong hustler (on a quest for rest) & DV survivor (amongst other things) - in order of importance!

I am soft, strong, squishy, and curvy so the high street has never been my friend and seeing others empowered, confident and happy is my jam. I'm the one who shouts 'You look great in that dress!" to the person on the next carriage, (much to my kids embarrassment) so I wanted to translate that into clothes. Clothes that you put on and make you shout 'Damn, you look HOT in that' at your reflection, regardless of how fat or flat your bum is or how heavy or wonky your tits are, how broad or slim. There's so much power in that. In feeling happy in yourself.

Finding the right clothes for my shape has always been hard. I just want to feel good in the clothes I wear, you know? I want my soft strong body  to feel sexy yet comfortable in clothes that don't f*ck up after one wash.

Not too much to ask right?

From the age of about 12 I started designing my own pieces. It started off as something for my friends & I, but then word quickly spread. I’d visit England with half my suitcase full of clothes for mates. That's how it all began, just me wanting to feel powerful in my clothes, wanting to feel unapologetic about my body and wanting the same for every person around me!

When we take back our power and stand a little taller, speak a little louder, feel a little stronger, shit changes, we rise and in that  rising we can give each other a leg up.

I want to create clothing and a community that lifts you up when all the people in you are tired. Clothes to fight in and clothes to cry in.

Love Sally x

Founder & Designer

P.s. In September 2020 I was awarded the GBEA Entrepreneur of the year in Fashion and Beauty for the South West!!!


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In 2018 Sally and Manners appeared on Dragons Den -

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Cookie length of 30 days.


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