Did you know that most professional investors recommend earmarking at least 5% or more of your savings for real estate investments? With $10 and a smartphone you can turn that recommendation into a reality with HappyNest!

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United States of America


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30 Days

MyHappyNest (US) Affiliate Program

HappyNest (US) Affiliate Program


At HappyNest, we believe every individual deserves the opportunity to save and invest like the 1%, regardless of their income level. Our app allows you to invest in, and earn dividends on, a commercial real estate portfolio for only $10!

  • HappyNest has over 1,000 investors across the US
  • HappyNest is a stable investment with consistent returns – a good alternative to the stock market roller coaster
  • Putting aside $5 day will turn into $150k+ after 30yrs! 
  • HappyNest adds safety and diversification to an investment portfolio.
  • Please note: legally, we cannot guarantee returns and all investments come with risk


Help grow our HappyNest Investor base!

  • What you'll do: promote our service to high intent users and direct them to our app to begin a deposit into a new HappyNest account
  • Target audience: 18-55 yrs old, millennials, post-grads, savvy investors, first-time investors, retirees
  • When you get paid: 30 days after a user makes their first investment
  • Commission you'll earn: $15 per user who opens a new account and places their first deposit of $10 or more within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link and whose account is in good standing for 30 days
  • Cookie Period is 30 days 
  • Our conversion rate from download to investor is high due to our low bar of entry ($10)
  • Payment details: found under "Program Terms" 

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