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Dcypher payout a 50% commission and offer the world's only genuinely bespoke foundation; we have virtually unlimited shades and can give partners free samples to help them create content; you don't want to miss out on this as we are growing fast!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Calling all partners that can reach audiences interested in personalised foundation, Dcypher is here, your perfect brand partner!


We Will Become The Next Big Brand In Cosmetics, Now Is The Time To Join!

Dcypher is a soon-to-be household name brand that is the world's only true personalised foundation solution; our technology allows us to make a bespoke foundation that matches a personal shade but has the coverage, moisture level, texture and finish just the way you like it. There’s nothing off-the-shelf about DCYPHER - we start each formula from scratch, meaning every foundation that leaves our lab is unique and personalised: no templates, no shortcuts, and no compromises.


We Are For Everyone

Dcypher is for everyone, and we want to remove the stigma of men that use foundation. Beauty is not feminine; it is human. 


Key Reasons To Work With Us

Our pricing is very competitive, our product is bespoke, and we can offer our partners free samples, special offers and a high commission rate. 

If you're a beauty influencer, vlogger or writer, we are your foundation dream come true. You have to try it to believe it, so get in touch, and we can arrange your free sample.


Up To 50% Commission Rate

We want to reward our partners with as much commission as possible, and our commission rate ranges up to 50% for the right partnership. 


Check our website to find out more about why this is an excellent opportunity - https://dcypher.me/


Get in touch with Elliot to ask questions - david@trigenex.co.uk