Premium, hand-crafted Broad Spectrum British CBD Oil. Grown and made in Britain by the trusted experts at Jersey Hemp.


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Jersey Hemp Affiliate Programme

Welcome to Jersey Hemp! We grow organic hemp and manufacture products at our farm in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Our Story

Our story began with three serving firefighters in Jersey, who came across hempcrete (made from the hemp plant) as a sustainable and fire-resistant alternative to concrete. Their interest was sparked in hemp and the Jersey Hemp brand and farm was founded in 2018.

Jersey Hemp’s team is made up of passionate scientists, soil experts and growers. The team’s combined expertise produces a premium Broad Spectrum CBD oil that is made in Britain.

We offer Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Organic Protein Powder and Organic Hemp Culinary Oil.

Our USP's

  • We grow and produce every ingredient from seed, flower to bottle.
  • We can trace the CBD in an individual bottle back to the see and the Jersey field it was grown in.
  • We farm using regenerative farming methods, no pesticides, no agrochemicals. We endeavour to leave the land more fertile than we found it.
  • We operate under strict license from our government. This means no shortcuts and accuracy when describing our products.
  • A report conducted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis blind-tested the most popular high street CBD oils and found that we were ‘one of the most compliant, high quality and accurately labelled products’ that they tested.
  • We are a member of the Vegan Society and our products are certified vegan.
  • We are a member of the Soil Association and use organic farming practices.

Why Join?

We have a great founder story, superb green credentials and one of the best CBD oils available. If you want to promote a product that appeals to today's environmentally aware and health-conscious customers then we absolutely fit the bill!

Not only that but our products have been published on the FSA's public list of cannabinoid (CBD) products permitted for sale to consumers. That means only the CBD products featured on the list can legally stay on the market, rest assured we are one! 

Please Note:

You will not be able to make ANY medical claims about CBD.

What are the Benefits?

  • High average order value of £75
  • 30 day cookies
  • Opportunities to run voucher codes


Earn a generous 15% commission on all orders.