Enhanced Labs is an innovative supplement company that has over five years of history bringing great products to market. From EAA/BCAA complexes, to weight loss products and mass gainers and pre-workouts, Enhanced Labs is your partner for effective supps.

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United States of America


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30 Days

Enhanced Labs (US) Affiliate Program

Enhanced Labs is a hardcore sports supplement program for true fitness athletes, bodybuilders, crossfit athletes, natty athletes, phyisque competitors, and gym enthuisiasts. Our products average 48% more active ingredients by count and 220% more ingredients by weight(in each serving of each product) then our competitors. 

The Enhanced Labs Affiliate Program is the most aggressive and strongest affiliate network in the sports supplement universe. 

Enhanced Labs starts with a baseline commission of 27% on all transactions, and can go as high as 35% commission based on the type of program your affiliate firm uses. Enhanced Labs is seeking content producers and is likely to offer max commission to content publishers. The cookie period remains for 30 days.

Enhanced Labs top selling products are:

1. SLIN - Carb Blocker, Insulin Mimetic/Weight Loss product - 120 caps for under $35!

2. BLUE OX - Libido Support for Under $40!

3. BLACK OX - Maximum Natural Test Booster for under $70

4. SLEEP JUICE - Sweet Tea Sleeping Aid for HGH production - Under $40!

5. ALL DAY SHRED - T2 Thyroid Throttler Weight Loss Supplement for under $40

6. ARACHIDONIC ACID - A Fatty Acid that helps muscle growth under $35!


Our average cart value is $103 on 3.2 items. We have a series of stacks to help keep AOV's high and we employe upsell and cross sell technology across all 16 supplement SKU's, merchandise/clothing, e-books, and gift cards. Over 60% of our first time customers come back again, and our reviews are verified buyers on both our website and our Amazon storefront (Enhanced Athlete).

With years of experience of innovation, Enhanced Labs brings the best pre workouts, creatine, fat loss, and test boosting products on the market. Join the Enhanced Team today!

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