BOBOU BEAUTY is a luxury range of skin-care inspired makeup brushes. Handcrafted in Italy using our unique and advanced DERMAFIBRE™ Technology - designed for optimal skin health, featuring the world’s first scarlet velvet handle for a tactile silky touch.


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BOBOU Affiliate Programme

BOBOU BEAUTY Affiliate Programme

BOBOU BEAUTY is an exciting new skin health-inspired luxury brand of professional make-up brushes that are individually handcrafted in Italy and feature the world's first scarlet velvet handle for a tactile silky touch.

Since launching in June 2020, BOBOU has achieved the following:

  • Shortlisted for London Pure Beauty 2020 Awards
  • Selected for John Lewis Indie-Brand initiative
  • Featured on BBC London, Stylist, Plant Based News Beauty, Tech Round UK, Gramersi
  • Strong Endorsement from leading industry and MUA influencers
  • Official partner of the Glauca Rossi Makeup School, London

We are seeking exposure in relevant publications targeting health and beauty enthusiasts and offer a generous 25% COMMISSION on conversion to sales for new and existing customers, in addition to offers and giveaways on request. 

For deal/discount/offer focused publishers where typically our margins are smaller, we offer a 15% commission for conversion to sales for new and existing customers.


Our mission is to infuse beauty, elegance and quality into our products. Each brush is a statement of intent, designed to give our customers the confidence to express their individuality and to be the best version of themselves, without compromising their skin health. 

Perfect for gifting, no stone was left unturned to deliver on this mission. BOBOU brushes are individually handcrafted in Italy using our unique and advanced DERMAFIBRE™ Technology - designed for optimal skin health, and featuring the worlds first luxury scarlet velvet handle for a tactile silky touch.

DERMAFIBRE™ is a new generation of makeup brush fibres that’s been extensively tested by Dermatologists as being compatible with sensitive skin types. The fibre is hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with each brush head containing 30% more fibres per surface unit compared with average brushes, for extra density and optimal makeup application.

Because the brushes are made using traditional Italian brush-making techniques, we guarantee the brush hairs won’t shed, as many mass-manufactured brushes do, and will replace any instances of shedding with a new brush.

The BOBOU brand represents a world of rebellious luxury, where individuality, radical self-expression and inclusivity is celebrated. Our brand is for men and women who love to live authentically with boldness and confidence and dare to live an extraordinary life. Everything we say, do, and offer seeks to champion these principles.


The BOBOU Affiliate Team