Di Santi Studio is a UK based luxury denim brand founded by designer Osvaldo Borges. Offering the best in deconstructed and painted denim.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Di Santi Clo Affiliate Programme

About Di Santi Studio

From inception, Di Santi Studio's mission to redefine luxury denim has been no mean feat; Di Santi has taken the fashion industry by storm, gaining notoriety with athletes and UK rappers. Having spent over a year seeking inspiration for the brand, most notably by attending New York Fashion Week. The brand has since gone on to launch the iconic dreamer collection.

Di Santi Studio offers affiliates:

  • A generous 20% commission on all referred sales (but not including pp charges)
  • 30 day cookies
  • Updated product feeds
  • Last referrer gets the commission

Delivery charges do not qualify for commission.


All commissions will be validated on a 30 day period and reserves the right to decline commission on all returned goods.


When referencing , please ensure that you are using all lower case letters. Please ensure you are also using the most up to date logo which is used on the network profile - if you need different sizes please get in touch.


For general enquiries please email us at


Note that affiliates are not permitted to scrape the website for information


From time to time, Di Santi Studio may share details of upcoming campaigns or promotions with its affiliates under embargo. Affiliates must not share this information publicly or with any other company ahead of its launch date, when an embargo is in place. Doing so may result in loss of commissions and/or termination from the programme