We deliver healthy cat food to your door. Most cat foods have low meat %'s, poor quality ingredients, and rely on chemicals to keep them on the shelf. At KatKin, we make 100% fresh, natural cat food with a 95% meat content. And we're seeing results...


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KatKin Affiliate Programme

At KatKin we’re growing rapidly and putting cats’ health first with 100% Fresh premium meat cat food, personalised to your cat and delivered to your door.

Most cat food contains very little meat, and lots of grains and cereals which is not great for cat’s health since they evolved to eat meat and struggle to digest grains.

Instead, our recipes are developed by our in-house vets and nutritionists to be the very best for cat health. It’s simple - 100% Fresh premium meat, gently steamed in the pouch to retain nutrients, and frozen for freshness, so there’s no grains, fillers or preservatives.

We’re the highest rated cat food in the UK on Trustpilot (rated 4.9 out of 5 with over 2,000 reviews).

Suggested copy for affiliates to use 

Here for uncompromising cat parents, KatKin goes hardcore for cat health. That starts with their 100% fresh-cooked meat cat food, designed for cats as carnivores. It’s gently steamed, frozen and portioned in KatKin’s own kitchen, then delivered to you. There are no preservatives, no cheap derivatives, no cut corners. But KatKin aren’t stopping there. Whether it’s litter, supplements or insurance, they're relentless in their drive to make hardcore love the standard for cat care everywhere.

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