Recharge the oceans! Le Cord produces the World's only collection of recycled Apple certified charging cables made of ocean plastics such as discarded fishing nets.


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Recharge the oceans!

Founded in 2014 in Stockholm Sweden, Le Cord is a proven sustainable lifestyle consumer electronics brand. The delicate balance of commerciality and exclusiveness is re-inforced by a curated reseller network which has made Le Cord available in many of the most famous fashion and lifestyle stores around the world.

Our brand is not only driven by the design and innovation factors, but also unique emotional, artistic and sustainable values, and last year we finished the work of setting up the infrastructure for production of Apple certified charging cables made of recycled raw materials derived from ocean plastics. 

The current collection of sustainable recycled iPhone cables are made of 'Ghost Nets'. These are fishing nets dumped in the oceans floating around killing marine life.

As we know it, we are the only brand in the world adding these important sustainable values to the charging accessory segment.