A list tanner Amanda Harrington introduces a portfolio of products including a unique hybrid of cosmeceutical skincare and hyaluronic based colour tints, to create a tan that nourishes the skin, whilst building a realistic glow. Modern tanning made easy.


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Amanda Harrington London Affiliate Programme

Amanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected and innovative sunless tanning experts and has been for the last 14 years. Her personalised and modern approach to tanning has earned her a cult following and A-list client roster including; Sienna Miller, Dua Lipa, Trudie Styler, Cara and Poppy Delvingne, Jennifer Anniston, Alessandra Ambrosio, Winnie Harlow and Suki Waterhouse to name a few.

As the reputation for her Bespoke Body Contouring Technique™ increased, so did demand for her own line of retail products, to achieve a
completely customisable method of bronzing at home. Launched in May 2019, with meaningful backing from all female investors, the portfolio of 19 products is a unique hybrid of cosmeceutical skincare and hyaluronic based colour tints designed to apply by brush, to create a tan that nourishes the skin, whilst building a realistic glow and fade.

The vegan product line was devised knowing healthy skin tans best, so including a skin prep range, such as a glycolic body scrub and glycolic face pads, was vital for Amanda. The innovative colour line boasts more skin loving ingredients including collagen, hyaluronic acid, CQ10 and Avocado oil. The tailor-made ‘tan-undertones’ come in 3 shades Rose, Honey and Olive, to intensify and enhance your natural skin tone to create your most believable colour yet.

As technique and layering to last is the key to achieving Amanda’s trademarked method at home, she also created a definitive 3 step tanning
kits for face and body available in the 3 colour tones. The best-selling kits include a pre-tan primer, sunless tan, and a signature brush that allow the tan to buff into the corneum of the skin, for a flawless, lasting colour that dries quickly.

Amanda says of her decision to launch a retail line: “I wanted to create a tanning range that gives you a multi-dimensional tan that makes you glow, not a flat brown. Tanning is a powerful tool. I see the ‘peacock effect’ time after time when I tan, this self-assurance that gives you a new confidence and connection to your body. It’s everything modern tanning beauty should be.”

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