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30 Days

V&YOU Affiliate Programme


V&YOU was born in Europe, inspired by our intention to offer people the freedom to choose their vibe and frame of mind.

From a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and professions, we find common ground through a shared vision and open-minds, with solutions supported by comprehensive research.


We believe that everyone should be able to live their lives to the fullest.

We believe some moments should last ⁠— compelling experiences where we can celebrate and savour every second.

We believe there are others where we want to relax and ease our minds.


Our lifestyle products empower you to elevate these experiences while meeting our strict quality standards.

We have an open book policy to provide transparency on our ingredients, production processes and sourcing, as well as outlining any risks ⁠— no matter how small. 


We aim to continuously enhance our portfolio to bring more variety into your lives, enabling you to choose your vibe ⁠— because you know best!


Find a vibe that helps support your life.

We help you to personalise this frame of mind, finding sensations that adjust and elevate whoever you want to be, for whatever life throws at you.

What’s your vibe?

Why promote

  • Up to 10% commission on all sales. 
  • Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships, including competitions and voucher codes.
  • Regularly updated feeds with a variety of brand new, on trend products.
  • Regularly updated industry standard sized banners.
  • £20 AOV. 
  • 30 day cookies.
  • Last-click referral. 
  • Dedicated affiliate management.



• Commission is paid excluding VAT and P&P on the final transaction amount after all discounts have been applied



All commissions will be validated on a 30 day period and reserves the right to decline commission on all returned goods.



Please ensure you use the most up to date logo and branding which is used on the network profile - if you need different sizes please get in touch.



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