We are ParkBee. We develop smart tech. Our Mobility Management Solution helps us utilise underused parking locations efficiently, mini- mising the need to build new ones. We optimise the use of space, and alleviate pressure on cities.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


ParkBee UK Affiliate Programme


Parkbee helps users discover affordable parking in safe, secure and ideal locations that were previously hidden. 70% of our customers claim that they would be either disappointed or very disappointed if Parkbee was to stop operating.

What is ParkBee mission?

Whilst our streets are getting more congested, ParkBee is on a mission to Keep Your City Moving by getting cars off the street and into existing and under-utilised parking spaces across private car parks, some of the UK’s well-known public car park operators and hotels.

Our smart tech allows you to open barriers and automated gates through the tap of a button on your smartphone so there’s no need to fumble around with coins and paper tickets. Payments are taken online through our booking platform or through the RingGo app which we’re seamlessly integrated with across most of our locations.

Our Products

We have a variety of different products from Pay Per Minute (ParkbeeGo), to subscriptions and Prepaid. This programma currently offers only PrePaid which represent the vast majority of our transactions 

What are the benefits of the Your Parking Space Affiliate programme?

• High conversion rates

• 30-day cookie to ensure that your sales are rewarded

• Additional incentives for high performing affiliates