Bother launched in 2020 to help households across the UK get essentials delivered next day. We use machine learning to help ensure homes never run out of what they need.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Bother Affiliate Programme

Why promote Bother?

Bother is disrupting the multi-billion pound grocery delivery market with an innovative machine-learning algorithm that helps households stay stocked up with what they need.

New Customers: 10% (launch offer) usually 6% (New Customers are unique / different people at different billing or delivery addresses)
Existing Customers: £0 (Existing Customers are individuals already in BOTHER's customer database, irrespective of email address)

Why work with Bother?

  • Market beating commission
  • Highly active promotion and campaign calendar
  • Competitive prices and market beating service results in high conversion rates
  • Bespoke / Exclusive promotions and commission available on request
  • Product Feed with 100s of famous household brands and products
  • Direct access to Bother's Marketing Team

Attribution Period (Cookie Length)
30 Days

Validation Period
Commissions will be validated after a one week period. Please be aware that in the instance that a customer is not a true “new customer” (for example they create a new email address but have previously shopped), the commission will not be awarded.
Please note we will decline any TQ's raised after 6 months since transaction date.

Product Feed
The full Bother Groceries product feed can be accessed in the create-a-feed section of the interface. We can also create custom feeds on request. Please contact us if you need any assistance. 

We keep our banners and marketing assets up to date, so please check the "Banners" section for access to the latest creative. We can also create customer marketing assets on request.

Please feel free to contact the Bother marketing team ( with any questions and please do let us know of any promotional opportunities.