Straightforward mobile phone insurance which provides peace of mind when a customer needs it most. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a hassle-free claims process.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

BiMPY Affiliate Programme

The increased commission is now £8 per policy. 


Established in 2011, BiMPY Ltd provides comprehensive insurance for mobile phones and tablets, providing peace of mind when our customers need it most.


Phone, iPhone, iPad & Tablet insurance from £4 a month. 


Savings up to 50% a month compared to traditional high street insurers. 


We insure brand-new and refurbished gadgets up to 36 months old.


Instant cover for mobile phone and tablet insurance when our customers insure their devices with us, and any immediate family member is also covered whilst using their device.


Essential & Full cover both provide the following benefits:


Accidental damage

Liquid damage

Unauthorised use of up to £1000

Worldwide use up to 90 days per year

In addition to the above, our Full cover also includes loss.

Customers can get an instant quote in seconds for their mobile phone or tablet online today.