Honcho is a fresh, new way to buy car and van insurance where insurance providers fight it out in a real-time reverse auction over just 30 seconds to offer the best deal to consumers for the precise insurance cover that they've asked for.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

60 Days


Honcho Affiliate Programme

Welcome to Honcho

Honcho is a fresh alternative to outdated price comparison websites, and helps car and van drivers search for, and buy, the insurance cover that is right for them.

Our affiliate programme rewards publishers for introducing qualifying car insurance and van insurance buyers to Honcho, with commission paid when buyers complete a purchase of car or van insurance, upon the confirmation of that purchase by the end insurance provider that the buyer chooses.


**** IMPORTANT ****

We do not support voucher / discount codes or coupons, so if you're such a site then please don't apply to join our programme. Also, we are UK only!!


How is Honcho from price comparison sites?

In many ways!

1 - Commission

Most drivers believe that PCWs are free to use, however this isn't true. PCWs charge commission to the insurance provider that the buyer buys a policy from, and this commission is tucked away within the price that the buyer is paying for their insurance. For car and van insurance this can be £60 or more - not insignificant! 

With Honcho there is no commission whatsoever. We charge insurance providers just £1 to try to win a driver's business, and that is it. No commission at all, total transparency on how it works, and a better-value distribution route for insurers.

2 - Reverse-auction marketplace

Instead of the usual pages and pages of results seen on PCWs, Honcho operates a unique marketplace bringing buyers and sellers of insurance together. The buyer is clear about themselves and what they're looking for (type of cover, features such as courtesy car, lost key cover etc), and this is broadcast out to all of our insurance providers. They then get the chance to bid, and re-bid, 3 times over 30 seconds to try to offer the best deal to the buyer. Insurers see what all other insurers are offering the buyer (price, cover level etc), and can reduce their prices to try to win.

3 - It's just a lot cooler!

What kind of drivers use Honcho?

Honcho sells both car and van insurance, and provides insurance from over 24 insurance providers (see for the latest list). In turn these insurance providers sell products from over 30 insurance carriers or underwriters, for example some of the biggest household names like Aviva, Axa, Zurich and LV.

All kinds of driver will find products for them on Honcho, from young drivers with black boxes, to drivers with points on their licence or convictions. There's cover for performance cars and pay-by-mile cover too - ideal for low mileage drivers.

What's in it for me?

The Honcho affiliate programme rewards publishers with £15.95 commission per confirmed policy sale, with a 30 day cookie period. (NB - certain exclusions apply, such as existing Honcho customers).


Authorised copy that can be used in any combination is below (please note - any variations on this copy should be approved by Honcho before using):

- Honcho is revolutionising car and van insurance by helping drivers to find the cover that precisely meets their needs, then pitting insurance providers against each other in a real-time bidding war as they try and try again with lowering prices to win the driver's business.

- The days of price comparison sites, with their hefty commission tucked away, is numbered! Honcho is the unique car and van insurance marketplace where insurers bid against each other in a reverse auction to win your business.

- Honcho are open and transparent in all that they do, charging insurers £1 to bid to win your business. And that's it. No commission, no nasties, no surprises.

- Honcho are the fintech startup who are revolutionising how smart drivers buy their car and van insurance. The days of old-fashioned price comparison sites are gone: with Honcho you simply put in your details, say what you're looking for (such as courtesy car or van, protected no claims discount etc.), then Honcho ask their insurance providers to fight against each other in a real-tome reverse auction with the cover asked for, at the best possible price.

- You wouldn't buy the cheapest possible car without checking it would meet your needs, so why do the same with your insurance? Honcho is the fresh, new way for smart drivers to get the car or van insurance that matches their needs. It's simple: you tell Honcho what you want, then they get all of their insurers to bid against each other, with the knowledge of what each other is prepared to offer you, to try to win your business. The result? You get the insurance that's right for you, at a great price.

- Honcho covers all kinds of cars and vans, and all kinds of drivers. Honcho's coverage includes black box insurnace from new drivers, pay-per-mile cover, insurance for drivers with one or more claims, cover for drivers with points on their licence or a conviction, specialist insurance for van drivers including tools in transit cover, plus loads more.