Hawkers is the brand that revolutionized the sunglasses industry by selling its products online. Companies like Facebook and Google recognized Hawkers due to the way it has differentiated itself from its competitors.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Hawkers UK Affiliate Programme

Hawkers is an international sunglasses brand that has more than 400 different models each season. Round, square, large, small frames ... A large catalogue to reach any target audience due to its market segmentation options. Hawkers has great collaborators such as Paula Echevarría, Steve Aoki or BALR which give us a clear notoriety in the sector. We will be working with prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses during the next months.

The program aims to maximize Hawkers' sales through various channels. We provide to our members exclusive models, offers, documentation of the quality of our sunglasses (lenses and frames), products feed in different languages, a link generator to reach specific models, worldwide known collaborators ... this makes the brand interesting to different sociodemographic targets. We also have the support of other brands of the group, such as Northweek, which complete the offer, the catalogue and the collaborations.

Hawkers is a brand that aims to reach all audiences, although our most frequent target is people between 20 and 40 years old. Hawkers' average ticket is slightly above €40. Luckily, our products are sold throughout all the year, with the highest seasonal peak during the spring and summer and during Blackfriday and Christmas. Our bestsellers are the collections One and Warwick with all their variations of colors and materials in frames and lenses.