Smartick is a fast growing app-based E-Learning program that teaches children Mathematics and Coding from the comfort and safety of home. Perfect for kids ages 4-14. Currently Europe's top choice for online Math and Coding in English and Spanish regions.

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Smartick in an intelligent app-based E-Learning program that teaches children Mathematics and Coding - from the comfort of their home - in 15 minutes per day. The program focuses on Maths and coding, but also develops a child’s critical thinking faculties through a series of complex logic and reasoning courses built into the programs self-generating, adaptive curriculum. The technology developed by Smartick uses self-learning artificial intelligence to adapt and continuously adjust to each child’s individual academic level, curating a curriculum specifically and uniquely designed for each learner.

The program includes hundreds of educational tutorials and mentally stimulating "brain games" which children and parents can access from within the virtual world. To date, Smartick's AI has developed nearly 1 billion excercises and currently has over 1 milllion excercises completed each day, by students from over 100 countries around the world. 

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When registering a new student, parents or educators indicate the special learning requirement, after which the initial assessment is calibrated to accommodate said requirement. For all students, specials needs and non-special needs, the initial 15 minute assessment determines the students academic levels across a range of criteria, from computation, emotion, focus and problem solving to logic, reasoning, mental agility and memory.

Each parent or teacher has access to a Parent/Tutor’s dashboard, where they login and monitor each child or student’s performance. Each session is marked by the program and a report is sent to the parent/tutor via email outlining the session results, providing feedback and improvement indicators. Parents are notified when sessions have not been completed and are incentivised to maintain a consistent routine. The parent/tutor can also set specific tasks and incentivise their students with messages and prizes upon the completion of a specific exercise or task. 

Lastly, Smartick's award winning pedogogic team and 24 hour customer care centre ensures that each new user receives a best-in-class customer onboarding experience. 


$20 commission on all transactions. 

Increased commissions are available in return for increased exposure, please get in touch to discuss. 

Cookie Length: 

30 Days

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